The 12 Labors


               After the great Hercules grew up, he married a woman named Megara. They had 2 children, but Hera was still angry with Hercules. She put him in a fit of rage, and he killed Megara and their children.

                After regaining his senses, he saw the terrible thing that he had done. He asked the god Apollo to rid him of this pollution. Apollo commanded Hercules to do certain tasks as a punishment for his wrong doings, so that his spirit would be cleansed of evil.

                 Hercules hurried to Delphi and consulted the Delphic oracle. The oracle stated that in order to purify himself, he must preform 12 heroic tasks (Really 10, but 2 did not please the King). Apollo then declared that Hercules must go to the city of Tiryns and serve the king, Eurystheus, for the king was the meanest of them all. Apollo told Hercules that when the tasks are completed, he would become immortal.

The 12 Labors

After he completed the 12 Labors, Hercules went on many other quests, such as rescuing the princess of Troy from a hungry sea-monster, and helping Zeus defeat the Giants in a great battle for the control of Olympus.

      Hercules got married a second time, to the beautiful Deianira. When returning from his last adventure, Deianira gave him a welcome-home present. A cloak that she had woven herself. She had a magic balm which a centaur that was mortally wounded by Hercules had given to her. It was mixed with his blood, and the poison of Hercules's arrows. The centaur told Deianira that anyone who put on the balm would love her forever, so she put it on the cloak.

       He put on the cloak, and his body immediatly began to burn with excruciating pain. He tried to pull it off, but the pain got worse. He asked his friends to build him a funeral pyre ontop of Mount Oeta. From there, it is said that they started to burn Hercules alive, and that Zeus and Hera thought that Hercules had suffered enough. They sent Athena to bring Hercules to Mount Olympus to become a god.