The Apples of the Hesperides

After 8 years and 1 month, Hercules finally finished the 10 tasks he was told to do. But Eurystheus was not happy and wanted 2 more, because the Hydra and the Stables were done incorrectly. Eurystheus commanded Hercules to bring him the golden apples of Zeus. They were kept in a seceret garden at the northern edge of the world, guarded by a hundred-headed dragon and the Hesperides.

      In a later proven pointless adventure, Hercules set off to find the location of the garden. He fought and wrestled many people to find out information, he  angered gods, killed people, freed Prometheus from his ever lasting torture, and finally came upon Atlas.

      Knowing that he would agree, Hercules offered to take the weight of the heavens from Atlas if he would retrive the apples for him. He quickly agreed, passed him the heavens and returned with the apples. He then said that he could  take the apples to Eurystheus himself and asked Hercules to stay put. Hercules "agreed" and asked if he could take back the weight for a moment so he could put some cushions on his shoulders. Atlas agreed and took back the Heavens. Hercules took the apples and ran.

       Giving them to Eurystheus, Athena came back to take the apples, since it was Zeus's apples and they could not keep it, and now Hercules was on his twelth and final task.