The Erymanthian Boar

For his fourth labor, Eurystheus ordered Hercules to bring him the Erymanthian boar alive. Simple right?

Wrong! Oh so horribly wrong.

      This boar lived on a mountain called Erymanthus. It is huge, wild, tusks out of its mouth, and a bad temper. Every day the boar would come crashing down the mountain and attack men and animals, gouging them with its tusks and destroying everything and everything.

      On his way to the hunt, Hercules stopped to visit his friend Pholus, who was a centaur and lived in a cave near the mountain. Hercules was hungry and thirsty, so the kind centaur cooked him some meat. He asked Pholus to pass the wine, but Pholus said that he can't because it belong to all the centaurs in common. So Hercules decided to open it himself.

       Soon after, the centaurs smelled the wine and were quite angry that someone was drinking all of their wine. They came in the cave, angry.

       Hercules chased them out with sticks of fire, and his club. He also shot one near the cave with his poison arrows, and continued to chase them down. Confused as to why such a tiny arrow could kill such a large creature, Pholus picked up the arrow and accidently dropped it on his foot and died on the spot.......wut?

      Hercules came back and saw his dead friend. He burried him and continued on his adventure like nothing happened.

       It wasn't hard to find the boar, as it was rampaging around, destroying things and rooted the ground for something to eat. Hercules chased it around, caught it, and brought it back. The king was again scared, and hid in his bronze pot.