Geryon's Cattle

For his tenth labor, Hercules had to journey to the end of the world. Eurystheus told him to bring the cattle of a monster named Geryon. Geryon was the son of Chrysaor and Callirrhoe, and had 3 heads and 3 sets of legs all joined at the waist.

      On the island of Erythia, Geryon kept a herd of red cattle guarded by Cerberus's brother, Orthus the two-headed hound. 

      On the way to the cattle, Hercules broke a mountain into two, named the Pilliars of Hercules. Which are known today as the Strait of Gibraltar.

      Hercules killed Orthus and the heardsman, then shot Geryon with his poison arrows and left with the cattle. 

      On his way back, a bull got loose and was taken in by Eryx, ruler in Italy. He would only give it back if Hercules could beat him in a wrestling match. He beat the king 3 times, killed him, and took back the bull.

      And of course, being a wonderful half mother, Hera sent a gadfly to spook the bulls, and they scattered everywhere. Hercules had to recover the bulls, brought them to Eurystheus, and sacrificed them to Hera.