The Man-Eating Horses of Diomedes

After capturing the Cretan Bull, Eirystheus sent Hercules to get the man-eating mares of Diomedes, the king of a Thracian tribe called the Bistones.

      According to Apollodorus, Hercules sailed with a band of volunteers across the Aegean sea to Bistonia. There he and his companions overpowered the grooms who were tending the horses. Realizing what happened, the king sent a band of soldiers to recapture the animals. Hercules entrusted the mares to a youth named Abderos so he could fight. But as luck had it, he was dragged around by the horses untill he was killed.

       After the fight, Hercules took the horses to Eurystheus, but Eurystheus set them free. The mares wandered around and came upon Mount Olympus and then were eaten by wild beasts.