The Lernean Hydra

The Second task was to killl the Lernean Hyrda. This monster would rise up from the murky waters of the swamps near Lerna, and attack with poisonous venom. It had nine heads and was immortal.

            For this task, Hercules did not go alone. He was accompanied by his trusty nephew, Iolaus, who would accompany Hercules in many of his labors.

          After luring the beast from it's hiding place, Hercules seized it. The Hydra coiled one of it's heads around Hercules's foot and made it impossible for him to escape. Then a crab that worked for the Hydra started biting his foot. Hercules then called for help, as whenever he bashed a Hydra head, 2 more grew in it's place.

          After bashing a head, Iolaus held a torch up to the stump and burned it to where it could not regrow a head. After doing so to the 8 mortal heads, Hercules chopped off the ninth immortal head and burried it in the side of the road. He then dipped his arrows in it's deadly poison.