Themes of Hercules

      Throughout Hercules's adventures, many themes and morals that the Greek's reveared as heroic can be displayed. Many of them include honor, strength, courage, and so forth, but many can be things such as cleaverness used in the wrong ways, such as stealing things. Hercules's Labors in general can tell us that a great tradgedy must happen for a truely heroic adventure to take place. In this case, it was the fact that Hercules killed his family, and must purify himself.

      We can also tell about traits and themes through many of his 12 Labors. For instance in many labors such as the Hydra and the Belt, having a team to watch your back is better than going alone. And with many other tasks such as the Apples, clever wit to avoid work can be better than actually putting yourself at risk. Some traits that Greek's found heroic can also be shown through tasks, such as strength, courage, and cunning.

      Greek tradgedies are often shown in many myths and can even show the downfall of a hero. For instance, the poison that has helped Hercules complete many tasks  has even become his own downfall when he show a Centaur with it, then the centaur gave his blood as a "love potion" for Hercules's wife to put on her gift.