Timeline of Hercules

c1288 BCE - Hercules is born to Alcmene

c1275 BCE - Hercules marries Megara. In a fit of insanity caused by Hera, he murders her and thier children. To atone for this, he undergoes the "10 (12) Labors"

c1268 BCE - Hercules frees Prometheus

c1250 BCE - Hercules completes his "12 Labors" and frees Theseus from the "Chair of Forgetfulness" in the Underworld

c1249 BCE - Hercules sells himself into slavery for a year to repay the heirs of Iphitus for his death at Hercules's hands

c1248 BCE - Hercules kills the children of King Laomedon of Troy, except for Podarces.


It is unknown if any of this is true, but if it was, these would be the dates of approximation